Craig de Gouveia


Hi! My name is Craig and I will help you to access your highest potential.

I am a Healer, Teacher, and Guide in the Mystery School tradition.

I specialize in meditation techniques, stress management, energy healing, practical magick, Life Activation, and advanced metaphysical training. My methods are practical and will help you to thrive in all areas of your life.

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Activate Your Life!

IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO THRIVE. Find out how 60 minutes can transform your life.

“It has been completely different for me since my Life Activation. There is no fog in my head and I am able to channel and change my energy instantly if needed. I really have no proper words to describe it. Thank you.” ~ Edward, Cape Town

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How to stand out from the crowd.
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Do you ever feel that you are different to everyone else? There is something unique about you. There’s a reason you are experiencing the world through your eyes, your ears, and your senses. No one else in the history of humanity has … Read More

PRACTICAL INSPIRATION: an interview with Gudni Gudnason [part 2]
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A couple of month ago, I shared the first interview with Gudni Gudnason by y Orly Bar-Kima for her Practical Inspiration show. They have recently done a follow up interview. Watch it below. Topics covered in this show include: Kabbalah: … Read More

Need some balance in your life?
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WARNING: Regular meditation can seriously improve the quality of your life. If you don’t want to be a happier, healthier, more balanced individual, stop reading now. Still here? Okay, here’s a secret for you. There’s a little thing called meditation. … Read More